Cookie policy

This document represents the Policy regarding the use of cookies type files, for the page  . What is presented below is for informational purposes for those who use the website, information on the use and management of cookies.

The term “cookie” is used to define a very small file, which will be stored on the user’s device when he accesses the website .

These cookies are installed through a request that is issued by a browser at the time of its use. Once they are installed, they are “passive”, they do not contain viruses or other software programs that could cause harm.
COOKIES files will not copy, store or retrieve data and information from the Internet user’s device.

The purpose in which these files are used is to provide the best possible experience of using the Internet, and they are files of interest to the user, especially for:

  • To make the web page he accesses much more accessible, to avoid errors that may occur during navigation;
  • To provide anonymous statistics for 360advertising to observe how the web page is used;

Through the cookie, the administrator of the page receives a pattern of the use of the web page and can take measures to improve possible mistakes or errors.

The lifetime of a cookie depends on its type. The categories of cookies are as follows:

  • The session cookie – it is deleted as soon as the browser is closed.
  • Fixed cookie – will remain stored on the device until it expires. It can last from a few minutes to several years. It can be deleted by the user at any time from the browser settings.

Cookies can be disabled at any time by the user by configuring the browser, but we inform you that this may lead to a more difficult experience of using the site.

For any other questions, we are at your disposal at the e-mail address: